UNEC’s Professor in the Jubilee of Saint Petersburg University of Economics


Head of the Department Banking, Professor Zahid Mammadov has visited the prestigious higher and secondary schools of Russia.

UNEC Professor made a speech on “Search for Lost Economic Growth” in the II International Forum held at the Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation. Also he joined the debates of open lectures by the Nobel Laureate, Professor of the Harvard University Elvin Eliota Rota.

Professor Z. Mammadov’s report on “Enforcement of the Financial Stability Problems in Azerbaijan” was presented during the scientific conference dedicated to “The Modern Monetary Policy: brake or accelerator” within the forum.

Professor Z. Mammadov met with the pupils of upper classes with the invitation of Board of Trustees of the Gymnasium named after K. A. Kerimov in Moscow. He delivered detailed information about UNEC, implemented innovations and spoke about the advantages of educating here. Professor answered the pupils’ questions about the University.

According to the Gymnasium 50 students are expected to be admitted to UNEC in a new academic year.

Professor Z. Mammadov also participated in the Economic Congress held on the occasion of the 85th jubilee of Saint Petersburg State University of Economics. Reports by the state bodies’ leaders were heard and discussions on the topic were made in the congress.

Z.Mammadov’s article on “New Trends and Prospects in the Performance of Alternative Financial Institutions against the background of Financial Crisis” was included into the scientific edition “Banks and Financial Markets of the XXI Century- Growth Potential” prepared within the framework of the 85th anniversary of Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.

Rector of the University, Professor I.A.Maksimtsev organized an official reception to mark the jubilee. Z. Mammadov has sounded UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov’s congratulation letter and presented a gift during the reception where the prestigious European universities’ rectors were invited.

Rector I. A. Maksimtsev has sent a letter of gratitude to UNEC administration for support and attention paved.

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