UNEC Economists and Chinese Researcher discuss the current situation of the World Economy


The researcher of the “Institute of International Researches of China” of the People’s Republic of China Bai Lianlei visited Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). The meeting took place within the framework of the “Exchange Program of Visiting Scientific Workers” held by the Center for Strategic Investigations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Support Agency to International Development under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The current situation in the global financial system of recent years was the main topic of the discussion held with the employees of the Center for Science and Innovations, Scientific Research Institute of Economics Investigations, International School of Economics and the MBA Department. Also, exchange of views on the opportunities and diversification of Azerbaijan economy, GDP growth and per capita GDP, agriculture, industry, services and transport sectors, as well as Silk Way have been made. The world’s primary currency exchange rate, energy resources, raw materials and products of export- import potential, Azerbaijan’s location in the Caucasus region and its economic and trade relations with neighboring and other countries were also discussed during the meeting.

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