The Graduate Program between UNEC and the Institute of Technological Education of Western Macedonia, Greece starts to perform


The MS program in “Petroleum – oil and gas management and transportation” (MOGMAT) has started within the framework of memorandum of co-operation between Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) and the Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia (TEIWM)

Based on the program the staff of the department of “International economics (english language oriented)” Fariz Guliyev has successfully lectured “Oil and gas industry economics”, a subject worth 7.5 ECTS credit, thus UNEC has fulfilled its first step within the framework of the program.

Graduate students have attended the course lectures with great interest. Topics on the management, recovery and transportation of energy resources, trading with commodities, oil and gas markets, pricing of oil and gas products, investment decisions in energy resources, oil and gas regulation, taxation, the impact of oil and gas resources on environmental economics were delivered. Graduate students were informed about the economic, political and environmental bases of the problems of overreliance on energy resources, American and Canadian approaches to problems with energy resources, as well as theoretical and practical information was provided in hearing voices of citizens for society building and directions in forming the social licence were discussed with graduate students.

Moreover, UNEC has for the first time received an academic recogition of equivalence by the Administrative Board of the Interdisciplinary Organization for acknowledgment of Academic Titles and Information of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Greece. Thus, UNEC graduates are enabled, by using the status of Azerbaijan State University of Economics as equivalent to Greek Higher Education Institutions, to take advantage of future employment and academic opportunities in Greece. Note that the equivalence, under no circumstances, replaces the acknowledgement act of “Equivalence and correspondence” of the titles of studies that are conferred by the aforementioned Institute.

Note that, based on the memorandum of international cooperation between Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) and Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia (TEIWM) the staff exchange, scientific-research and cooperation in other fields of education will carry on in the future.

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