Director: Doctor of Pedagogics,  Vidadi Omar oglu Orujov

Phone:: (+994 12) 425-47-07

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Information about the college

Baku Plan-Economic Technical School was established by the decision of the Soviet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 747 dated November 23, 1965 and the order No. 128 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated May 7, 1966. Baku Plan-Economic Technical School operated from 1966 to 2002.

Baku State Socio-Economic College was established on the basis of the technical school by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 140 dated August 26, 2002 “On improving the network of secondary special education institutions”.

By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 250 dated July 10, 2020, Baku State Socio-Economic College became a Socio-Economic College with the status of a public legal entity at Azerbaijan State   University of Economics (UNEC).

Directors of the college: Sadigov Ahliman (1966-1978), Ilyasova Firuza (1978-1979), Rena Rzayeva (1979-1980), Shirinov Suleyman (1980-1989), Huseynov Gardash (1989-1990), Gurbanov Mammad (1990-1993) , Mahmudov Mubariz (1993-2013), Ilham Valiyev (2013-2016),

The college has been headed by Doctor of Pedogogics Vidadi Orujov since 2016.


The college prepares specialists in the following majors: 

Clerical and archival work – 040202

Banking – 040401

Financial affairs – 040404

Accounting – 040406

Tax case – 040410

Social work – 040713

Software in computer systems – 040530




Material-technical base:

Main building-Sabunchu district, Bakikhanov avenue,  R.Gambarov 61 

Three-storey building (34 classrooms, each 34 sq.m.) 

Dormitory – Sabunchu district, Bakikhanov avenue,  R. Gambarov 62 

5-storey building (132 rooms, each 17 sq.m.)


  • Director
  • Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
  • Deputy Director for Educational Affairs
  • Deputy Director for Administrative and Economic Affairs
  • Head of the teaching department
  • Accounting
  • Lawyer
  • Archive manager
  • Commandant



  • “Banking” department
  • “Accounting” department
  • “Management” department
  •    Part-time
  •    Registration, evaluation and monitoring department
  •    Human Resources and Information Department
  •    Production practice manager


The college has the following discipline unification commissions (DUC):

  • “Social Sciences” DUC
  • “Finance” DUC
  • DUC “Accounting and Auditing”
  • “Archive work and social work” DUC
  • “General Education” DUC
  • “Language and Literature” DUC
  • “Informatics” DUC

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