UNEC Professors hold Teleconference with Turkish Colleagues

14 MARCH 2016 | VIEWS:

The Professors of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) held a teleconference with the prestigious Turkish University’s Professors.

The teleconference organized by UNEC’s Professor Zahid Mammadov was attended by the Dean of Sakarya University School of Business Administration, Professor Ahmet Vecdi Jan and the Vice-rector of Ulidagh University, Professor Mehmet Yuje. Both Professors have spoken about the organization of teaching, syllabuses, internship of specialization, organization of the teaching and teacher-student relationship in detail. They have also talked about the examination rules applied in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies.

Views on organization of seminars and lectures and the division of classes have been exchanged in detail between UNEC and Turkish Professors during the videoconferencing. They have also discussed and shared students’ internship issues.

Note that 15 UNEC Professors have been sent to a business trip to Turkey in January with the aim to increase the pedagogical staff’s scientific potential. Along with other prestigious Turkish universities, the Professors visited the Universities of Sakarya and Uludagh within the trip.

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