UNEC Professor makes a speech in Economic Forum held in Poland


Head of the Department of “Science”, Professor Zahid Mammadov participated in XXVI Economic Forum held in Poland.

The existing urgent, most important, social and political problems of Europe were discussed within the Forum organized on “Towards the Sustainable Europe: the Future Strategy” by the Krinitsa- Zdruyda Institute of Eastern Studies.

Z.Mammadov made a speech on “Azerbaijan’s Cooperation with European Institutes: Modern situation, problems and prospects” within the forum. In addition he made a presentation about UNEC during the opening ceremony of Poland-Azerbaijan Business Council. UNEC’s Professor attended events and joined discussion in the panel held within the forum.

Theses of Z.Mammadov’s speech were published in the media and on “Eвропейская правда” which is the information partner of the Forum.

Z.Mammadov held negotiations on involving the well-known economists of Poland to UNEC to teaching and scientific activity, as well as about UNEC students’ internship in Poland Business Organizations with support of Poland Institute of Eastern Studies.

Note that, banks and financial holdings, information technologies sector, government and parliament representatives of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as diplomatic representatives and members of Parliament of Azerbaijan attended the Poland XXVI Economic Forum.

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