New Book published by UNEC Professor


A new book has been published on the occasion of a Professor of UNEC Department of “Examination of Consumer Products”, Honored Teacher, Advanced Education Employee Ahmad-Jabir Ismayil oghlu Ahmadov’s 75th anniversary. Copies of the certificates granted to 21 books by the teacher Ahmad-Jabir within the 10 years and bibliographic annotations of the books preserved in the National Library named M.F.Akhundov were published in the book.

Member of Azerbaijan Union of Writers, Laureate of the Prize “Golden Pen” Ahmad-Jabir Ahmadov hes been working in different position in the higher education institutions from December 1971 up to date such as an assistant, senior teacher, Associate Professor, Deputy Dean, Dean and a Head of the Department. He is the author of 350 scientific works with the volume of 1350 print lists, including 72 books and more than 50 training-methodological facilities serving in leading positions within 32 years of his scientific activity. 68 books written by A.I.Ahmadov are preserved in the fund of the National Library after M.F.Akhundov.

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