UNEC studies Karabakh in world libraries: Which country has the most publications?

26 OCTOBER 2021 | VIEWS:

A project on “Karabakh in world libraries” has  been launched at UNEC on the occasion of Victory Day.

The project, implemented by the UNEC Library Information Center, will study books, publications and bibliographic information on Karabakh in world libraries.

Initially,   the Library of Congress, one of the largest and richest libraries in the world has been studied. Totally, information on 936 publications, including 862 books, 15 periodicals, 43 maps, etc. has been revealed in the library. 98 of them are in Azerbaijani, 204 in Russian, 226 in English, 335 in Armenian and 25 in Turkish.

Unfortunately, most of the publications in the catalog are books written by Armenian authors or reflect the position of Armenia. Thus, the electronic catalog of the Library of Congress contains a description of the book published in Armenia in 279 titles in Armenian and 70 titles in Russian.

The catalog also contains bibliographic descriptions of 54 books published in Azerbaijan in the Russian language, 70 published in Armenia and 67 published in Russia.

The oldest of these books isKarabagh, published in 1890 and authored by Radde Gustav [Ferdinand Richard], consisting of 56 pages.

One of the interesting facts is that  the microfilm, produced in 1993 by the University Library of Toronto, on Ahmadbey Javanshir’s book “On the political situation of the Karabakh Khanate (from 1747 to 1805)” published in 1961 by the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR is preserved in the library.

The latest publications on Karabakh are “Ancient Karabakh (Historical and Archaeological Research): Bronze and Early Iron Age” by UNEC professor Hidayat Jafarov and “Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict in Azerbaijan-Turkey Relations” by Akif Marifli published in 2020 in Azerbaijani.

Concluding the research, we call on our valuable scientists and writers to write more works in foreign languages about Karabakh, the historical land of Azerbaijan, and the relevant institutions, diaspora organizations to promote such works to the general public and abroad.

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