UNEC Rector’s Speech on the Graduation Day

01 JULY 2016 | VIEWS:

UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov’s speech on the Graduation Day:

Dear guests, students and parents!

I cordially greet all of you on behalf of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. There is a great reason of our unification on the graduation day. This is a solemn day. Because, the higher school, university and specialty choice are important points of human life and the period when every student proves to himself/ herself their capability testing their  will and thinking. And today we are submitting its report.

Every step taken in this period of time, the effort made define future life of many of you. Dear students, you are leaving the kind of educational institution that every academic year spent there are of great importance for you. We collectively, think of a student, a person who have tended to build his future successfully and a young person, who believed in us when saying the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. Speaking at the same point of view, we are focused on our students’ future and on the objectives to achieve with all we have done, our scientific and pedagogical activity.

Science, education, independent thinking, creativity, to be the Azerbaijani combining national and cultural values, to be healthy and rich spiritually- are the notions we message to each student within the period of their education. Therefore, we have put the obligation by our respected President İlham Aliyev as a University of Economics.

The demands of modern era encourage us with you to work very fast. It is impossible to imagine the development isolated from the modern world at the university which combines the training, education and science. This is an essential goal of our activity.

If a few years ago, we thought of a Republic- wide university saying Azerbaijan State University of Economics, today we are UNEC, providing a double diploma together with the leading world universities, with possessing branches and most importantly, providing the student with the right to perform their skills and abilities. This is our way of the action, credo, we set together with you.

But we should not forget that to stop with success achieved is the failure in the next step.

The world is evolving constantly. “The notion perfect is inversely proportional to the period of time”. A matter which admires everyone today is normal tomorrow. It turns into a job managed by everyone. If we want to be one of the “firsts”, to achieve success, there is only one thing left, to work, to search, to read constantly- to develop ourselves, this is what we want to message to all of you.

UNEC student is a young person with independent mediation, scientific thinking, attitude, creativity who is capable to solve the problems, is an integral part of the global world. Dear students, the academic staff of our University played important role in your formation this way. I express my gratitude to all the staff.

“Education is the future of the nation”, said the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. The future is in your hands. Our government has given you the key to open the door of future. You have wide opportunities to build your own future, spheres of activity. The way forward is always full of obstacles. To make efforts, be patient, resolute, to know what we want, to compete healthy- if you will do it, you will have gained. It would be better if you will make correct use of the knowledge key in your hand.

My biggest advice to you as a teacher: “Do not waste the time” Because, if there is something that cannot be obtained again is the time. Each minute has a practical and spiritual necessity.

Be responsible in any case; do not disappoint your relatives’ expectations. Saying your relatives I think about your parents. The authors of “You” are your parents. You should feel yourselves indebted to them.

Be equitable. The success achieved by different tricks can be short- lived.

Tomorrow the main issue is not just that you achieve the targets chosen or not. The main issue is how to achieve those targets.

I remember Steve Job’s speech to the graduates of the Stanford University. “Do not fall into the trap of family who taught you to live with other people’s thoughts. Do not let the noise of others’ opinions drown your inner voice. Learn to listen to the voice of your heart. Only it knows what you want. Everything else is secondary.”

And do not forget one thing: you are the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijanis.

Hold the Motherland’s preferences superior to your interests. Remember, the Azerbaijani land creates every opportunity for you.

Dear graduates, today is a very solemn day in your life, a little bit sad. Mixed feelings surrounded you, many of you do not want to end the day you expect for several years. But you are Graduates today, i.e. you are at the doorsteps of the beginning. I wish you to be successful on this way; to be with your family, people you love and sober- minded.

And do not forget, we say “the doors of the university are always open to you”. Once again, I congratulate you, good luck, my dear Graduates!

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