UNEC Students are on the Way to Success- how to build a “personal PR”

18 APRIL 2017 | VIEWS:

The Career Center of UNEC and online magazine PRolong have conducted an interactive training. The training on “My PR” was conducted by an editor-in-chief of the online magazine PRolong, a nominee doctor of the Eastern Akdeniz University of the Northern Cyprus Turkish University Arzu Soltan.

Firstly, Head of the Career Center Fuad Aliyev spoke about the significance of the personal PR. He said if the students were aware of the secrets of PR before they start their careers they would have gained the successful results in work lives. F.Aliyev noted various examples about how the successful people applied proper self- PR method in the world.

A trainer, a well-known journalist and a screenwriter Arzu Soltan delivered the information about the first online PR magazine of Azerbaijan “PRolong.az”, which began to perform on the eve of the February 2- “Youth Day”. She recommended the students to follow the weekly issues of the online magazine regularly who want to get new knowledge in the field of PR.

A.Soltan provided UNEC students with the information about the establishment of success story within the training organized in the style forum- play. Saying, “the way to success goes via PR”, the trainer shared her experience on detecting problems within the work process and their solutions. Students were given special tasks and games on the topic within the training.

The trainees were presented the book “Success book- in 111 languages” written by Jafar Mansim. Comments by the people who work as a president, minister, member of parliament, businessman, professor, rector, teacher, actor, composer, singer, film director, poet, psychologist, lawyer, journalist, writer, historian, representative of NGO, archeologist, PR manager and other field have taken place in the book.

Students were introduced certificates in the end.

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