Advisor to the Mister of Taxes conducts a Master Class to UNEC Graduate Students


Advisor to the Minister Taxes on Tax Policy Issue, Corresponding member of the ANAS Akif Musayev visited Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

Conducting a Master Class to the groups majoring in taxes at the Master Center of UNEC A. Musayev lectured on “Modern Problems of Taxes and Taxation in Azerbaijan”.

Tasks of the improvement of legislation in the field of tax and taxation on the basis of the progressive world experience, issues related to the problems and prospects of development of the tax system were elucidated within the lecture.

In the end of the meeting, masters’ questions on the situation and the reasons of tax evasion, socio- economic consequences of various tax concessions and tax mechanism to stimulate the development of the regions in the country were answered.

It should be noted that the heads of the state economic bodies have been regularly conducting Master Classes to UNEC graduate students.

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