Head of the centre:

Address: I Academic building of UNEC
Contacts: +(994) 012 492-00-03, 055-314-40-35

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Centre   for   Energy Economics was established in accordance with the decision of   the Academic Council of Azerbaijan State University of Economics No ESH-102  on December 6, 2018, by   order  1124/3/2018  of the rector of UNEC dated December 21, 2018.

According to the order of the rector of UNEC No. 365/3/2019   dated May 29, 2019 Doctor of Econ. Scien., prof. Hajizade Elshan Makhmud was entrusted with the leadership of the Centre  on public basis.


Carrying out of research on the urgent problems of the energy sector; to carry out scientific work on the application of innovative technologies based on the efficient use of energy resources, to support the academic staff and  students of UNEC in their respective activities; developing its relations with the real sector of the economy, government and public institutions, providing expert and consulting services, developing projects, development scenarios and making proposals for strengthening national energy security and energy efficiency.


to carry out fundamental and applied scientific researches in the field of energy economy, to develop projects and promote their results, to make proposals for the solution of emerging problems, to conduct expert assessments and to provide consulting services;

to organize international and national conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables, and trainings;

to prepare and publish magazines, books, articles, bulletins, reports, research papers in various languages;

to establish and maintain contacts with research centers, universities, institutes, as well as with representatives of the private sector, both inside and outside the country;

to support the implementation of the UNEC concept of development, its relationship with the real sector of the economy, state and public institutions.








 Our programs and projects

  1. Preparation and publication of a scientific journal “Energy Efficiency”;
  2. To prepare and publish a monograph on the 50th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Economics;
  3. To conduct an abstract competition on the theme “Actual problems of energy economy” among undergraduates on the 97th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev.


OUR GOAL (Things to do):

  1. Carry out fundamental and applied research in the field of economics and energy, promote and apply their results;
  2. Development of new innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency; to become one of the main centers for expert appraisal and giving consulting services in the relevant field;
  3. To take the position of active participants and initiators in improving the regulatory framework of the energy sector, expanding its institutional system;
  4. Energy audit, energy efficiency services with transition to a liberal market model based on effective implementation of industrialization and energy policy, strengthening national energy security, and competition in the electricity sector, the attainment of relevant objectives in the preparation of energy managers and strategic roadmaps
  5. Increasing the Center’s contribution to the implementation of UNEC development concept;
  6. Active cooperation with research centers, institutes, universities and private sector representatives both inside and outside the country;
  7. To take the leading positions in the international arena among the university research centers.