Head of the chair: Cand.of E. Sc., assoc. prof. Abbasova Sevinj Aghamammad

Address: Baku, H.Aliyev str., 135 (2 campus)

Telephone: +(994) 12 564-37-10
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News of the “Economics” (Russian speaking) chair at UNEC NEWS


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About the chair

The creation of “Mega-faculties” educational clusters, in order to increase the international competitiveness in the Global Higher Education System, was one of the main trends of UNEC’s fundamental reforms implemented over the past 3 years. As an example, it is possible to note that since 2016 the Russian School of Economics, which is engaged in the training of specialists for the bachelor degree level, started its activity. At first, in order to improve the quality of education, the chair of “Economics” was established under the “Russian Economics School” with the decision of the Scientific Council of UNEC. In accordance with the decree of the UNEC Rector, No. 509/3 dated 21.07.2017, the established committee provided the selection of teachers with high knowledge and teaching in Russian. As a result, 60 teachers have been selected from among the academic-teaching staff of UNEC.

From the day the chair began its activity teaching of more than 65 disciplines in 9 specialties has been envisaged.

In addition to the mentioned above, in order to improve the personnel potential of the newly created chair, to develop new teaching materials, to carry out scientific research works and other tasks, there is a need for the effective and flexible management structure in the chair.

In this regard, at the chair meeting held on 14.09.2017 the academic advisers for 9 specialties were defined. The criteria for determination of the academic advisers for the specialties is based on the management experience and generally on the knowledge of the prospects for further development of the specialties that they will lead. The selected academic advisers in their activities will be responsible for the delivery of academic workloads, development of work schedules for the groups, syllabuses, course schedule on their subjects, implementing the budget-driven research and other issues.

The main directions of the scientific-pedagogical activity of the chair «Economist» are determined by the formation and continuous development of the intellectual potential of academic and teaching staff elected by the highest level of research and teaching activities, the use of modern educational technologies in teaching; improving the quality of students’ training programs; the development of strategic notions of employers, government agencies and other people with different interests.


The development strategy of the chair “Economics” in 2017-2018 years

– creation of material and technical infrastructure;

-formation of the charter and the system of documentation of the chair;

-initial planning of curriculum and acquiring it;

–  selection and coordination of academic advisers for bachelor’s programs on 9 specialties;

– development and adaptation of curriculum and syllabuses;

  • creation of lecture materials, video lectures and presentation bases;

– selection of professionals from available resources and teachers invited from the outside;

  • creation of scientific and educational laboratories;

– creating the student scientific research center.


The structure of the chair “Economics”

Academic-teaching staff:

       Head of the chair: Cand.of E. Sc., assoc. prof. Abbasova Sevinj Aghamammad  

  1. On the World Economy and Commerce specialties
  2. *
    On the specialty Economics

    On accounting and auditing specialty

    On the specialty of organization of industry and economy

    On specialty of finance



     Dr.of E. Sc.,  prof. Rahmanov Farhad Panah (consultant professor)