UNEC Scholars were elected members of International Peace Researches Association


Instructors of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) attended a conference of 26th International Peace Researches Association (IPRA). The Conference held in the city of Freetown of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Africa was jointly organized by the University of Northumbria (Great Britain) and the Sakarya University of Turkey.

Dean of UNEC School of Turkic World of Business Administration, Associate Professor Farrukh Tuzchuoghlu made a report on “The Role of NGO in the Information of Environmental Policy in Turkey” and Head of the Department of Economy and Business Administration, Associate Professor Fariz Ahmadov on “The Problems of Economic Growth and Development in Independent Turkish Republic within the conference dedicated to Sustainable Development.

About 300 well-known scholars from more than 60 countries of the globe attended the five- day long international congress. Being elected members of the International Peace Researches Association within the general meeting of the conference, UNEC scholars got the right to vote.

Note: the International Peace Researches Association was established in 1964. More than 2000 people in the world are the members of the association and it performs with 5 main centers (America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia).

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