UNEC’s Rector said: “This student’s problem must be resolved before I arrive at work!”

13 JANUARY 2016 | VIEWS:

The open exam process was held at Azerbaijan State University of Economics with the participation of the media representatives. The novelty aims to provide the objectivity in the assessment of the students’ knowledge.

BAKU, January 12 –  Sputnik.az

Today the next meeting under the motto “Knowledge should be assessed transparently and objective” has been held with the representatives of media. Sputnik informs that the media tour was organized in accordance with the Education Minister’s order about the “Organization and Implementation of the Exam Session”.

Information about the organization of the exam process has been delivered during the meeting with the participation of 20 representatives of media. Afterwards the observers consisting of the employees of media have followed exam- in-progress. All necessary conditions for the attendance of the public representatives have been created aiming to provide the objectivity in the assessment of the students’ knowledge and protect the transparency within the winter exam session to last until February 1.

After the exam completed Rector Adalat Muradov met with journalists. Muradov who has been appointed in 2014 attracted the representatives of media with his sincere talk.

He said: “The most powerful force I trust and believe is the student. I am at once aware of everything happens at the university. Because, I have my own Facebook profile and communicate with the students regularly. Sometimes at 1 am I instruct my Deans to resolve the student’s problem before I arrive at work”.

A.Muradov has also spoken about the salaries: “The teaching staff’s ranking will be determined on 100 indicators. Salaries of the TOP 100 will be increased up to a certain coefficient. Salaries of the TOP 10 will be increased up twice. In addition, we have decided with the Academic Council that the teaching staff members published their articles in the journals with more than 3 impact indicators will be paid 2 thousand dollars. I think this will be the motivating factor and gives the best outcome”.

Speaking about the material and technical basis of the university Adalat Muradov expressed dissatisfaction about the situation in only one academic building of 4: “We have got 4 training buildings. The material and technical basis of 3 of them is in the highest level. But the situation in that which is near the Embassy of Russia is the worst. This is our 3 building”.

Rector has emphasized: “We have set a goal to transform this building to the academic one which meets the modern requirements at our own expense”.

Rector has also mentioned about the Guba campus in which the university employees are able to rest with their families. Adalat Muradov added that the workshops conducted by the teaching staff are held in Guba.

In the end of his speech Rector Adalat Muradov asked the journalists to visit the university regularly and explained them that he wants it not to promote the university, but to keep control over it.


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