ASUE Career Center Director Fuad Aliyev’s article published in the newspaper “Republic”

22 JUNE 2015 | VIEWS:

ASUE: Achievements in the Development of Skilled Specialists


The concept of national education established by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, is first of all, is based on the tradition in education and ensuring the organic unity of modernity and harmonization Azerbaijan education with the principles of the world education standards.

Currently, the care and attention taken to the development of the education and especially to higher education by the President Ilham Aliyev enabled to obtain a significant success in the direction of training of highly qualified personnel. As a University, we also try to establish our activity on the basis of the Conception “Azerbaijan-2020: Vision to Future” and the “State Strategy on the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

Azerbaijan State University of Economics (ASUE) which is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education is the author of successful projects in the direction of improving the quality of teaching in higher education services and responding to the dynamic development of the economy in the labor market, developing comprehensive perfect and competitive highly qualified specialists.

Thus, ASUE Career Center has realized a number of projects within 2014/2015 academic year and established business ties with different organizations.

This academic year a contract on bilateral cooperation was signed between ASUE and the International Association of Azerbaijan Turkish Industrial Businessmen (IAATIB). Mutual collaboration with the IAATIB includes cadres’ preparation, organization of joint scientific symposiums, as well as preparation of tutorials, students’ internship issues and assisting the graduates’ recruitment and organizing joint start- ups with the Innovative Business Incubator of ASUE.

A similar contact was also signed between ASUE and the Association of Azerbaijan Turkey Businessmen (AATB). The contract aims to create the condition to the development of university students as highly skilled specialists with the help of AATB.

The Career Center jointly with PASHA Life Insurance holds training for the undergraduate and graduate students of the university on “Insurance and Insurance Culture” for already many years. The training is mainly conducted by the administrative staff and leading experts of the company. The main purpose of the training is to enhance the students’ interests of the insurance industry who study in the field of economy, as well as to further improve the capabilities and skills in this area. As a result of the trainings, undergraduates and graduates interested in life insurance and who want to work in this area would have a chance of being interned a long time at PASHA Life Insurance OSC.

Workshop for the students of the university was organized by the Career Center with the participation of the employees of the Recruitment and Marketing Group of “Azersun” Holding. Students were given tips on CV writing methods, rules of conduct during the interview and psychological preparedness to the interview. In addition, information about the different marketing methods and strategies applied in the company were delivered by the Head of the Marketing Group of the Company and demonstrated to the participants of the workshop visually.

Our university is in close relation with one of the international audit companies “Deloitte”. Thus, training on “Effective Facilities for the Preparation of Financial Statements” was held with the assistance of the Company “Deloitte” at the Career Center. Students and the university employees were taught to apply of Microsoft Excel at the professional level used in the preparation of the financial statements, develop modules and make up complex formulas during the trainings conducted by the company experts.

A corporate meeting between ASUE and “Bank of Baku” has also held. Meetings generally aim to expand the bilateral cooperation between the higher institution and the bank and to assist the university in improving the students’ and teaching staff’s practical knowledge of banking sector. The kind of collaboration will contribute to increasing relations with corporate sector and to students’ decent position in the labor market. In addition, here the bank’s support in mastering the theoretical knowledge, as well as the practical skills by the students is used. Aiming the development of cadres at ASUE to comply with the requirements of the labor market the bank provided a Scholarship Program for 5 students of the University. Five students who receive scholarships had had a chance of passing internship in the bank. There is a training laboratory of “Bank of Baku” at the University, too.

The Securities Market is an important area of the financial system, which has been the center of attention by the government all the time and significant events are being held in this field. As an example we can show the State Program on “Development of Securities Market in the Republic of Azerbaijan within 2011- 2020” adopted by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. A Memorandum of Understanding on the joint development activities in the fields of education, science and training was signed between ASUE and the State Committee on Securities. The priority objective of the treaty is to support the institution in the organization of awareness and training on securities market, its products and services. For this purpose, the Training Center on Securities under the Committee realized trainings of different types for the students’ growing as competitive personnel in a labor market.

Besides the training, 30 students of ASUE passed an internship at the SCS within the Memorandum of Understanding. In the next stage the selection of messengers (the capital Market’s Guides) are planned to be selected. Messengers will be selected among the students with higher results and they will be allowed to apply their knowledge in practice. In the last stage students with higher results will be involved to job experience in the functional departments of the SCS, National Deposits Center and Baku Stock Exchange and the broker companies. The successful students of the Program will become irreplaceable human resources.

Among the organizations we collaborate with is the State Agency on Procurement of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The experts of the agency conducted trainings for the students of all Schools of the University within the cooperation framework.

One of our achievements is the Program “Banks in Operation 2015” jointly held by the Public Association Azerbaijan Youths’ Achievements, “Pasha Bank” and the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our 11 students became the winners of the Program successfully passing the selection stage. The Program is one of the most significant projects in their lives. The Program of “Banks in Operation 2015” was organized on the basis of fundamentals of banking system, practical experience and professional development training. The program aims to teach the students principles of banking system by means of the professional training programs, simulation game and expert reports and to make them familiar with the financial structure, existing risks in the banking system and mechanisms of their management. The kind of cooperation will contribute to strengthening relations with corporate sector and stimulate students and alumni to take a decent position in the labor market.

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