The head of ARCHIVE department Sevda Taghi Guliyeva

Telephone:+(994) 12 492-43-43


6258 2

About Archive

The Archive of ASEU operates with the right of staffing plan according to the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 1967. Archive accepts, protects and controls the expired documents from all departments of ASEU. It organizes the expertise of scientific and theoretical documents, protects important ones and liquidates the expired documents. Organizes the catalogue of documents, ensures writing name and year of the document and improves them. There are some documents that it delivers them to the state archive.

Archive department accepts expired documents from structural sections.

It ensures the protection and security of documentary materials.

Ensures meeting requirements with the relevant references according to the archive documents, provided copies and according to information on archive documents.

Compiles act on the list of the documents being on permanent and temporary protection, as well  on the documents to be delivered to the state protection, and on deleting and liquidating expired documents.

It controls the compliance with the rules on fire-fighting at the archive location.

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