An opportunity to participate in exchange at Hacettepe University in Turkey through “Erasmus+” exchange program

06 NOVEMBER 2017

The students of bachelor’s, masters and doctoral level of studies in “Economics”, “International Relations” and “Business Organization and Management” at UNEC within the framework of the “Erasmus+” exchange program can take part in exchange term in spring at the Turkish University of Hacettepe.   

Wishing to participate in this program should meet the below stated requirements:

1. Should study at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level of studies;
2. Minimum average score should be 85 points (in 100 points system);
3. Should have the excellent perception, writing and speaking skills in English and Turkish languages.

Required documents:
1. Academic transcript for the bachelor’s and master’s level of study (minimum average score should be shown);
2.For the students of doctoral studies the verification letter from doctoral studies department;
4. The document, certificate or verification letter confirming the English and Turkish language proficiency (required);
5. Copy of the international passport (if available);
6. Students identification card;
7. 2 photos of 3×4 size.

Deadline for application: 17-th of November, 2017 year.

Contact person: Parvin Pashayeva
For contact:
International Relations Department

Telephone: +994 12 492 60 45