The School for Young Scientists is to be established at UNEC

15 MARCH 2017 | VIEWS:

The “Thomson Reuters” Department Director Oleg Utkin and Head of Department Valentin Bogorov met with UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov. The three directions of the future cooperation between the “Thomson Reuters” and the University- Organization of International Conference, establishment of a Science metric laboratory and the foundation of the School for Young Scientists were the main issues debated within the meeting.

It was said that the international conference on “The Scientific Performance Management Model of Modern Universities: Innovative Development and Perspectives” to be held by UNEC and the “Thomson Reuters” will bring the world’s prestigious universities’ scholars together at UNEC. At the same time, the event will also render assistance in getting access to the platform of “web of Science”. This will play a significant role in introducing scientific- research works among the scientific community. Note that, a plenty of appeals in connection with the presentation of scientific articles written by the world scholars have already been submitted.

The School for Young Scientists to be established under the UNEC was debated in detail within the negotiations. O. Utkin considered that the foundation of the School for Young Scientists in UNEC that pretend to become a world-class university will serve to young scholars in the preparation of scientific works meet modern requirements and improve the quality of scientific investigations.

Views on creating Science metric laboratory to meet the requirements of Azerbaijan and the other countries of the region as well and publication of scientific journal on “Economy of Caspian littorial Countries” were exchanges  within the meeting.

Oleg Utkin and Valentin Bogorov shared their opinions with Radio UNEC’s audience.

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