radio111Radio-UNEC- The Voice of Youth!
Radio- UNEC-Beating pulse of the University of Economics!
Stay with us, keep up with times!

To spend students’ spare time and to inform them the most suitable address is Radio-UNEC! You have a chance of listening to a high-quality broadcasting, enjoyable music, innovations related with the university’s life and events happen in the world!

Radio UNEC is available to students 24 hours a day. Students are also those who form the program of the Radio. It is possible to listen to the economic innovations covering Azerbaijan and the world, to be aware of the interesting projects by our students and teaching staff, become the participants of entertaining quizzes and eventually be concentrated to enjoyable music.


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The members of the Public Supervisory Board are on-the-air of the Radio UNEC (19.01.2018)
The chairman of the Student Scientific Society in the program “About the education”
The discussion in the “UNEC exam” broadcasting: the “Winter examination semester – novelties, changes”
The UNEC Radio staff has been awarded
The Center Director spoke about the Admission rules

Aziz Sancar: “I met to future’s Nobel Laureates at UNEC”
EC Rector spoke about the exams
Winners of the “Science Slam” on the Radio UNEC (05.05.2017)

Ferrukh Tuzchuoghlu: “Prestigious Universities of Turkey are interested in cooperating with UNEC” (26.04.2017)
Fagan Chelebizade spoke of his successful project to Radio UNEC (14.04.2017)
Radio UNEC Guest: the young teacher Rovshen Jamalov (03.04.2017)

The School for Young Scientists is to be established at UNEC (15.03.2017)
UNEC Scholars spoke about the Turkish Experience on Radio UNEC (03.03.2017)

Student Rector talks about exams (29.01.2017)
Shahin Baghirov: “The International Conference created great opportunities for the future cooperation of UNEC and SCC”

The “Quality of Education through the Students’ Eyes” Project debated by the Students

Expert: “I observed a transparent exam environment at UNEC” (09.01.2017)
Let know our Teachers more closely on Radio UNEC (06.01.2017)
Sh. Asgerov: “Intension is the spirit of the activity. The main activities are focused on an objective assessment of students’ knowledge at UNEC” (05.01.2017)
Expert: “We’ll hold the Anonymous Survey among the Students” (30.12.2017)
Students’ Questions were answered in the Program “UNEC Exam” (29.12.2017)
Radio UNEC presents: “UNEC Exam” (26.12.2016)
A well-known DJ called at Radio UNEC (07.11.2016)
90th Anniversary of Azerbaijan Radio celebrated on Radio UNEC (04.11.2016)
Novelty on Radio UNEC: “UNEC Sport” (26.10.2016)
Debate on Radio UNEC: “University should be open for the Parents” (21.10.2016)
Radio UNEC’s Presenters called at Khazar TV 103 FM (18.10.2016)
A Video dedicated to Radio UNEC’s performance (22.09.2016)
Radio UNEC celebrates its 1st Birthday (22.09.2016)

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