Georgy Tsagolov: “High- quality workforce is the foundation of successful economic reforms”

23 JUNE 2016 | VIEWS:

Academician of the Academies of Natural Sciences and International Management of Russia, Professor of the International University in Moscow Georgy Tsagolov has visited Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

The well- known economist joined the conference on “New Trends and Urgent Problems in Modern World” held at UNEC.

The Conference moderator, Director of UNEC Department of Science, Professor Zahid Mammadov informed the participants about the guest, his monographs and books written on world economy, social business and social policy.

Speaking to UNEC’s academic staff and scientists G. Tsagolov evaluated the processes happened in global economy and spoke about the modern global economic problems, their causes and solutions, importance of social business and margins of development. He said that technology, institutional progress, investment existence of financial sources and quality of workforce are the basis of successfully economic reforms.

The participants of the conference addressed their questions on the topic to Georgy Tsagolov and shared their views on the subject and made proposals at the end.

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