Baxis sekil 1 Huseynov Bakhish Farriz

Bakhish Farriz oghlu Huseynov was born on October in Sharg settlement of Beylagan. Completing the secondary school of the settlement in 1990 he was enrolled to the Faculty of Finance and Economics of Azerbaijan State Institute of Economics (current UNEC). Bakhish distinguished from his group mates with his socialactivities and special talent. But he left his education incomplete when the war satrted in Garabagh and went to the front voluntarily.

Bakhish who tool part in the hottest fights held in the height of Aghburun for a year and a half, died heroically on September 23 1993 trying to prevent attacks made by the enemy. Bakhish Huseynov save the lives of eight warriors with his death. It was able to find Bakhish’s corpse from the battle field two days later. He was buried in the Martyrs’ Alley situated in Beylagan region where he grew up. 

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