Martyr’s Mother: I will present my son’s belongings to UNEC’s museum

14 APRIL 2017 | VIEWS:

UNEC’s martyr student Bakhish Huseynov’s family members came to higher education institution and visited the Memorial Complex erected here. Martyr’s mother Dilafruz khanum and his sisters Konul, Afat and Aynur Huseynovas got acquainted with martyr’s personal portfolio and looked through the exam list he wrote within his studies.

Martyr’s family members spoke their memories.

Konul Huseynova: My brother was a very playful, full of life person. We remember him with a smile on his face. He left his education incomplete and went to war. He participated in heavy battles for a year and a half. He was prankish even when he could leave the battles for an hour and came home… The delight, the laughter has also left our lives with him.

Afat Huseynova: Bakhish was a very fearless and brave person. He never spoke about the fights; wanted to seem cheerful and tried to gladden us. We heard about him from only his friends. We heard the news about his death from 8 friends of him he saved. He heroically saved 8 fellow warriors and died after…

Aynur Huseynova: I am the last child of the family. We had 11 years of difference. He was the last child before me and always took care of me. I remember Bakhish combed my hair when my parents and sisters were at work… I feel Bakhish’s sleeking on my hair even today.

Dilafruz Huseynova: His father and elder brother were this university’s graduates. I am an accountant. Bakhish also dreamt to become an accountant. He entered the higher institution directly after completing the school. My son could not live his student life. He left the education uncompleted and went to front. He said “I will study after the war; the main task is today to protect our lands from enemies. There is no meaning of our study if we cannot protect our lands…”

Martyr’s mother highly evaluated UNEC’s attention to his son’s memory and promised to present his son’s belongings to university museum: “We also will leave this world, but the university will stay. Thousands of young people will study here. You honor my son’s memory and I am sure that you will save his belongings properly. Therefore, I will introduce UNEC’s eternal student Bakhish Huseynov’s items to the university museum.

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