Head of General department  Muradov Rashad Huseyn

Contacts: +(994) 12 437-10-86
Fax: +(994) 12 492-59-40
E-mail: unec @unec.edu.az

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An electronic documentation system is improved at UNEC (18.05.2017)

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Duties and functions of the General department

The General Department has been carrying out the activity as stationery since its establishment, but as a separate department since 1996.

Considering citizens’ suggestions, requests and complaints, conducting clerical work, adherence of correspondence with the established submission rules and assistance of the structural units in this field are carried out by the General Department.

The documents received from the state governmental and administrational bodies, public organizations, legal and individual entities, as well as the other correspondence are received and registered by the General Department. The issuance of the received documents to the appropriate structural units is carried out by the General Department.

Rector’s instructions and orders are formalized by the General Department and are sent to relevant departments. Letters and appropriate documentations signed by the administration of the university are registered by the General Department and delivered on determination.

Supervision over the implementation of regulations and management tasks and verification of their execution are led by the Head of the General Department.

 Being an independent structural unit the General Department ensures the conduction of the clerical works at the University of Economics, observance of the established rules for the submission of the correspondence, assistance to the structural units of the university in this field, as well as control to the observance of the guidelines and performs the following main functions in the clerical works:

  • Receives incoming documents, registers, distributes and delivers to the relevant implementers;
  • Provides the documents to be sent on the assignment;
  • Controls the execution period of the documents;
  • Makes copies of the documents, provides registration of the documents and preparation of the nomenclature lists;
  • Forms the documents according to the works and delivers to the archive;
  • Ensures the maintenance and use of the documents;
  • Provides the connections among the structural units of the university and technical functions on the services;
  • Ensures the methodical supervision in all spheres of the university in order to improve the clerical works on a regular basis, increases the professional development of the clerical works;
  • Ensures the confidentiality of the university documents.
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