Scientific Research Institute of Economic Investigations – 2017: scientific research, books and grants

19 JANUARY 2018 | VIEWS:

The Economic Research Institute for Economic Investigations (ERIEI) under UNEC successfully completed the 2017 year.

The Economic Research Institute for Economic Investigations (ERIEI) had conducted the research on the topical issues of science, had published 40 scientific articles (3 of them were inclued into the SCOPUS basis), as well as,the manuals and monographs, had translated and printed one book.

At the initial stage of the scientific research work conducted by the Institute on the topic “The assessment of the role of the quality of education in the economic development”, the factors influencing the quality of education, the impact on the economic growth of the general government expenses spent on education, the role of popularization of science in the world population’s development index were analyzed and the statistic indicators were disclosed.

    On the basis of the balance model “Expense–release” were determined that,  every unit of investment  contributed in the education promoted the economic growth, giving more multiplicative effects than the majority of sectors of the economy (including the oil sector). And in the scientific research work conducted by the Institute on the topic “The assessment of the effects of transition to trade in the national currencies with the main trading partners of Azerbaijan” , the mathematical model for assessment the impact of the transition to national curriencies, and the imitation model for the assessment of the economic effects on the major trading partners in the transition to national curriencies in foreign trade had been set up and implemented in varous scenarios in the Excel program.

Within the reporting period, the scientific coopertaion agreements were signed among the Economic Research Institute for Economic Investigations (ERIEI) and   the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Economics of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences and the Agrarian Science and Information Advisory Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan. One of the staff members of the institute was on the academic-pedagogical mission in the USA.  And two employees participated in the implementaion of the grant project on the topic the “Development and Application of Web Resources in the  Improvement of  the Technology Transfer Mechanism” within the framework of the 4-th Grand Competition of the State Fund for the Development of Information Technology under the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Economic Research Institute for Economic Investigations (ERIEI) under UNEC held 10 scientific seminars devoted to the issues of Azerbaijan and the world economy, as well as, to discussing the results of the socio-economic development of the country .

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