Director: Dr. of Econ., Prof. Yadulla Hasanli
Scientific Secretary: Rafail Rzayev

Address: Baku, Istiglaliyyat str., 6 (I building)
Telephone:+(994)12 492-78-70

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Scientific Research Institute of Economic Investigations – 2017: scientific research, books and grants (19.01.2018)
Scientific Institute for Economic Research under UNEC will cooperate with the Pan European University of Slovakia
Crypto-currency: economic and legal aspects
The UNEC Scientific Institute for Economic Reserch expands its relations

Workshop on the final meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held at UNEC (21.07.2017)
Presentation of a book “Resource on Scientometrics: Development Indicators of Science and Technologies” has taken place at UNEC
UNEC Starts to cooperate with the Scientific-research Institutes of Switzerland

Special Representative of the Publication “Global South Development Magazine” at UNEC
Current situation of the companies in our country and ways to reduce debt burden were debated at UNEC

UNEC Scholars will conduct Research on expanding Trade between Azerbaijan and India (15.03.2017)
Participants of the International Conference at the Scientific-Research Institute of Economic Studies
A Scientific Workshop held at UNEC: “Azerbaijan’s Economy over the last year”
“The Strategic Roadmap” is discussed at the SRIES
“Science Month” was completed at UNEC
“Science Month” was continued in the Financial-Economic College
The Nobel Lectures held within the “Science Month” completed at UNEC
Reports about the Nobel Prize Laureates: Paul Krugman
25 Years of Independence: The Results of Socio- economic Development and Perspectives

The Cooperation between UNEC and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization has been discussed
UNEC and the Chinese Academy of Social Studies will cooperate (01.10.2016)

Scientific Seminar held at UNEC: “Azerbaijan Economy in the last 6 months” (21.07.2016)
Scientific Seminar held at the Scientific- Research Institute of Economic Studies of UNEC (30.06.2016)
UNEC’s Employees participate in Astana Economic Forum (10.07.2016)
A Round- table discussion held at UNEC: “Economic Efficiency and Development Prospects of Cotton- growing in Azerbaijan in modern times”(07.06.2016)
Scientific Seminar held in the Scientific-research Institute of Economic Studies of UNEC  (05.05.2016)
A Scientific Workshop held at UNEC: Current Situation and Perspectives of Azerbaijan Economy (22.04.2016)
New Appointment at UNEC (22.04.2016)
Scientific Conference held at UNEC: “International Competitiveness of Azerbaijan and the Ways of its Improvement” (07.04.2016)
Debt Crisis: Causes and Solution (01.03.2016)
Ways to Mitigate the Negative Effects of the Processes occurring in the World Economy were discussed at UNEC  (29.01.2016)
UNEC Scholars have proposed the Creation of the highly Competitive Clusters in the Country (29.12.2015)

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Information on Scientific-Research Institute of Economic Studies

The Scientific-Research Institute of Economic Studies under the Azerbaijan State Economic University was established with the Decree #137 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 14, 2009.

The main objective in the creation of the Institute is to contribute to the economic development of the country directing the scientific resources of the Azerbaijan State Economic University which is the hub of potentially leading national economist scientists towards urgent problems faced by our national economy, including sustainable, continuous and balanced development challenges, as well as macroeconomic regulation, acceleration of social and regional development, current development trends in the global economy and evaluation of geo-economic relations of Azerbaijan, development of information technologies and solution of problems in relation with the formation of innovation economy; conducting scientific researches on forecasting of national and global economic growth, development of functional, areal and regional development concept and programs, including those related to socio-economic development of municipalities, evaluation of the economic basis of public choice, and taking an active part in the organization and provision of large scale sociological studies and consulting and audit services.

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Main research directions of the Institute have been defined as following:

  • Prepare scientific basis of economic policy of the Government, manage and forecast economic development;
  • Evaluate growth trends of the global economic system and ensure geo-economic interests of Azerbaijan;
  • Manage financial policy and public financing, improve financial markets and banking activities;
  • Develop human resources, deal with social management and social security issues, including increase living condition, establish social protection and social security standards, finance social sphere;
  • Accelerate, balance regional socio-economic development, and conduct studies on problems faced by local self-governing bodies, manage regions and jurisdictions, including municipalities, as well as prepare integrated and tailor-made social economic development programs;
  • Expand application of information technologies in the economy, address strategy on formation of innovation and creative economy;
  • Assess economic background of the public choice in the Azerbaijan society;
  • Organize consulting an audit services.

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Currently, scientific-organizational structure of the Institute of Economic Studies is consisted of following scientific sections:

  • Macro-economic policy Section;
  • World economy and geo-economic relations Section;
  • Social development problems section;
  • Socio-economic development challenges of regions Section;
  • Sociological researches and consulting Section;
  • ICT and innovation economy Section.

Financial sources of the Institute are made up of funds allocated from the Stet Budget to the Azerbaijan State Economic University, allocations from off-budgetary funds, payments for scientific research works, conducting of consulting, surveys and provision of audit services, grants and other sources not prohibited with the legislation.

Team of researchers composed of staff of the SRIES, which actually became operational in 2010, was the first to win the grant on economic science disbursed by the Science Development Foundation under the auspice of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  The grant project on a very important topic for developing countries “Evaluation of the mechanism for coordination of fiscal and monetary policy in ensuring sustainable economic development in Azerbaijan and determination of ways to improve them” was implemented in 2011 (with scientific adviser being prof. R.T.Hasanov). SRIES staff who implement scientific research works according to STR plans is regularly participating in grant competitions held in our country. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic of Azerbaijan, results of grant researches on topics “Diagnostic of outcomes of regional social-economic development programs in the Republic of Azerbaijan and formation of the regional economic development model” (2011, with scientific adviser being prof R.T.Hasanov ) and “Evaluation of the mechanism for stimulation of the development of the agrarian sector in Azerbaijan by the state and preparation of proposals and recommendations for improvement” (2012, with scientific adviser being R.T.Hasanov) have been adopted for the use by state organizations.

In 2014, staff of SRIES received the grant on “Preparation of proposal and recommendations for assessment of industrial output capacity of regions and creation of industrial parks in the Republic of Azerbaijan” launched by the Ministry of Economy and Industry if the Republic of Azerbaijan (with the scientific adviser being assistant professor N.Hajiyev) and the grant on “Expansion and improvement of electronic services based on the development model of e-services in Azerbaijan” launched by the ICR Foundation under the Ministry of Communication and Higher Technologies.


Department of knowledge economy

Rashad Huseynov – Head of the  Department

Farhad Mikayilov – senior research fellow

Sardar Shabanov – senior research fellow

Nazim Mammadov – scientific worker


Department of Cluster Development and Innovation

Ramis Azizov – senior research fellow

Aliaga Gasimov-   scientific worker


Department of non-oil sector development

Murad Bagirzade – Head of  the Department

Gubad Ibadoglu -senior research fellow

Elman Ibishov –  senior research fellow

Arzu Safarova – scientific worker


Department of Macroeconomic Research

Salman Najafov – Senior Research fellow

Humah Mammad Panahova – Senior Researcher

Gunay Rahimli – scientific worker

Hasraddin Guliyev – scientific worker with 0.5 staff substitutes



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