Exams are held with new rules at the Financial and Economic College

09 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

A series of novelties have been applied in the winter exam session of 2016/2017 academic year at the Financial and Economic College performing under UNEC.

Exams are held in a centralized manner by testing for the first time to ensure the transparency and objectivity in the assessment of student’s knowledge in the new academic year at the college. Appeals and Working-control Commission have also been created in the college targeted in successful implementation of exam session. At the same time, control and participation in the exam session are been announced open to public. The “Headquarters” has also been established in the college to investigate the questions and problems arisen within the exam process and eliminate them. Appeals on the problems in connection with the exam process can be made by calling on (012) 493 51 10.

Note that, 1054 students on full- time and part-time sections are expected to attend the testing exam session for 2016/2017 academic year in the college. Test samples on 47 disciplines covering 301 exams have been developed on Azerbaijan and Russian sections. 300 test questions on every discipline were introduced to students in advance. Each student is presented 50 tests on different variants during the exam.

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