The School of Accounting National Economy was established in 1934. It operated as Baku School of Accounting National Economy within 1934-1936yy and as Baku Technical School of Accounting National Economy since 1936. The activities of the Technical School were stopped in accordance with the war in 1941-1945. It started the performance under the title Baku Technical School of Statistics in the office of the Central Statistics in 1946.

In July of 1966 it was renamed into the Financial Credit Technical School and since 1992 it was entitled the Financial Economic College of Azerbaijan by the decision 119 signed on March 3 1992 by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The education institution is the first college which implements the development of semi- skilled economist cadres in the Republic.

The Financial Economic College of Azerbaijan has been renamed into the Financial Economic College of Azerbaijan under Azerbaijan State University of Economics by the decree 280 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed on August 17 2015.

Directors of the College: Saleh Ahmadov (1934-1951), Soltan Alakbarov (1951-1958), Said Aghamirzayev (1959-1966), Samid Adigozalov (1966-1969), Ahmad Majidov (1972-1978), Almaz Adigozalova (1978-1983), Mais Baghirov (1983-1988), Mirdamat Sadigov (1988-1999), Hamza Ziyadov (1999-)


Main building
Address: Y.Mammadaliyev str., 8
Four-storied building, general area 2073.2 sq/m (55 lecture-rooms)

II building
Address: A. Jalilov str. 22
Four-stories building, large school-yard, general area 1752 sq/m (23 lecture-rooms)

Training in the College is performed in 3 (full-time) departments:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Banking


The following Subject Commissions are performing in the College:

  • Accounting and Economic Analysis
  • Credit and Banking
  • Finance, Tax and Customs
  • Statistics and Management
  • Humanitarian and Socio-economic disciplines
  • Economic disciplines
  • Technical and Technological disciplines
  • General disciplines
  • Languages


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