Innovation by MBA Program: “Graduation Project”

04 MARCH 2016 | VIEWS:

Students of MBA Program of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) will prepare the “Graduation Project”. The decision has been made by the Academic Council of the University and is extended to all Masters of MBA. The “graduate-ion Project” serving to deepen specific knowledge on the trainees major should be associated with the Master’s current specialty and future career choice and current job. The “Graduation Project’s” title must be selected properly in order to obtain optimum benefits.

The “Graduation Project” will be presented to Masters in three forms including enterprise project, research work, practice and its report. The enterprise project will cover the development and the formation of the Business plan and the practice report the plan of the institution, its main activity and practice time. Harvard Reference System should be referred in writing the research paper and in general it should be written in the Master level and 20-25 pages format.

The “Graduation Project” will be assessed by the Graduation Council. The supervisor of the “Graduation Project” and the Master will sign a contract of “anti-plagiarism” in advance. The “Graduation project” will be assessed on the criteria established by the MBA Department. The “Graduation Project” will be evaluated as “satisfactory” and “unsatisfactory”. The Master will have a chance of making amendments on the “Graduation Project” and submitting for the second time in case of assessed “unsatisfactory”.

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