Next Meeting within the “NIZAMI” Project



The next meeting within the “NIZAMI” Erasmus+Project on Reconstruction and Development of Doctoral Studies in Azerbaijan, in accordance with the requirements of the European Higher Education Space has been held at the University of Heidelberg of Germany.

Beside the European partners, the representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) and other higher education institutions attended the meeting.

Head of the International Relations Office of UNEC which is the leader of the 4th Working Package Anar Kazimov spoke about the increasing the doctoral students’ professional skills and the achievements gained by UNEC in this field for recent 2 years. At the same time he talked about UNEC’s scientific research potential, projects realized in developing the research fellows’ knowledge and abilities, including the “Differential Salary System”, The “Leading Teacher-Leading University” Project, Young Researchers Project and other achievements.

The career opportunities created for young research fellows, as well as the cooperation made with the companies performing in the country were of great interest by the participants. The DAAD Project jointly implemented with the University of Siegen distinguished with its uniqueness in the region in this field was met with interest. It was said that 3 research fellows of UNEC are currently conducting their researches within the project directed to improving career opportunities.

Proposals made to increase the PhD students’ professional skills in higher education institutions in Anar Kazimov’s speech became the basis of the working package.

Parallel debates were made and the other working packages in progress were looked through within the trainings.

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