“oikos-Baku” presents: “Moneypulation: Conumption Trap”

10 MARCH 2017 | VIEWS:

A seminar on “Moneypulation: Conumption Trap” was organized at UNEC by one of the leading student organizations suggesting sustainable development of the world “oikos-Baku”.

The workshop covered the topics promotion of sustainable development concept among the students, innovations and sustainability of economic growth. Students were provided with the information about the development of proper and continuous consumption skills and possessing more streamlined and effective choices within the consumption.

A Marketing Director of Unibank Yevgeniy Soltanov made an interactive presentation on “Marketing Strategy- how do they affect us?”, a Deputy Director of UNEC Business School Fariz Guliyev on “Sustainable Consumption Skills” and an Export Marketing Expert of SOCAR Seymur Guliyev on “Psychology and Squandering of Consumption” within the seminar.

Note: “oikos” is one of the most important international student organizations suggesting sustainable development conception. About 40 local branches of the organization perform in more than 21 countries. A professional team of the international union of “oikos” consisting of 1000 students and 3000 alumni covers 50000 students and young people.

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