Director of UNEC Business School
Can. of Econ., Assist. Prof. Hajiyev Nazim Ozbey

Deputy Director:
Gahramanova Shahla Sheki

Deputy Director: 
PhD in Econ., S/T. Farzaliyev Movlud Pirverdi 

Address: 6 Istiglaliyyat Str., Baku (1st building)

Office telephone: (+994 12) 497 62 67


Park University (USA)

Technische Universitaet Dresden (German)

UBIS (Geneva, Switzerland)

University of Waterloo (Canada)

West Texas A&M University (USA)


UNEC Business School’s ACCA Accreditation


UNEC Business School Graduates’ Job Opportunities abroad

Core Values of UNEC Business School are:

Systematic knowledge, professionalism, success, respect for diversity

The Mission of UNEC Business School is:

  • To learn and transfer fundamental knowledge through applied research and communication to advance business practices and the role of business in society;
  • To develop students’ critical thinking, communication, problem solving and leadership skills; ethical behavior and understanding societal benefits of diversity;
  • To benefit from open and collegiate environment where academic and personal development can be achieved through free exchange of ideas;
  • To keep forming highly reputable image of UNEC by practicing the frontiers of knowledge in economics and skills in business education.

UNEC Business School is committed to learning and sharing academic knowledge, improving critical thinking, communication and transferable business skills and leadership capabilities of individuals to add value to society. UNEC Business School puts ceaseless efforts to create and disseminate knowledge that is based on the principles of lean management of work force and spirited leadership of people. UNEC Business School achieves its mission by creating and running both, fundamental and interdisciplinary specializations through teaching applied knowledge, publishing and sharing research of long-term academic, private and public value.

Vision – To be recognized as the region’s one of the most professional and impactful business schools, where systemic knowledge, strategic skills and diversity will nourish natural leaders to become successful role models in their business and society.

Connecting our UNEC Business School graduates with global opportunities! (25.07.2017)
UNEC Business School is an ACCA Accredited Program (18.07.2017)
UNEC was represented in the International Education Summit and Exhibition (27.03.2017)
Representatives of the US Embassy visited UNEC Business School (16.03.2017)
UNEC Teacher – Alumnus of the University of Bristol (01.02.2017)
The MBA Program Curriculum of the UNEC Business School is highly rated (29.07.2016)
Innovation by MBA Program: “Graduation Project” (04.03.2016)
UNEC’s Graduate Students have been selected for the Internship Program offered by “Bank of Baku” OSC (03.03.2016)
UNEC Economists and Chinese Researcher discuss the current situation of the World Economy (18.12.2015)
UNEC at the “Global Education Fair”  (20.11.2015)
The MBA Department starts to cooperate with ACCA (16.10.2015)

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Why MBA Program?

  • You will receive education in Azerbaijan – a country characterized by the following features: located at the crossroads of East and West,on the shores of the Caspian Sea where stability reigns; encouraged civilizational values and multiculturalism, religious and ethnic tolerance; one of the fastest growing economies in the world;
  • Chosing MBA Program is your succesful decision;
  • MBA Program shapes you as a business professional. The program challeges your potentials and enhances your abilities. Your peers in MBA Program will be at least as successful and hard working as you. This means expectations from your professors and instructors will be high;
  • Education is delivered in Azerbaijan, English and Russian language separately;
  • MBA is a special program which is formed by individuals who are respectful for diversity, diligent, energetic, and initiative-taking. By studying here, you get a chance to join a dynamic program, you succeed by the innovative development of the program and you gain knowledge and experience;
  • We provide future’s leaders with business education and teach them to speak in professional business language globally;
  • MBA program operates in the main building of UNEC, in the center of Baku. Mini-library and case packs for all the courses have been established. In order to meet your scientific research enthusiasm “Development Economy” laboratory and different research related sub-sectors have been created;
  • Most of 100 professors and instructors who hold doctoral and master’s degreeshave graduated from highly ranked universities of the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, Turkey, Russia and others;
  • Teachers focus on their scientific products and practical exercises during the education process;
  • Courses are determined in accordance with the programs of world’s leading universities and graduate students are free to choose elective courses;
  • Graduate students are developed professionally and personally.


Information about the Program of UNEC Business School

The MBA program was created in 2001 through an academic agreement on “the training of faculty, staff, and the preparation of magistrates in business administration and management” between Azerbaijan State University of Economics and Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. During 2001-2014 the MBA (Master of Bussines of Administration)  program run as a structure in the Center of Master’s Preparation. In 2014 the MBA Department was created and the MBA Program of the Center of Master’s Preparation was transferred into the MBA department and has been continuing as a new structure.

The program aims at improving leadership qualities of specialists with graduate degrees, teaches systematic knowledge, ability and competence in management skills, provides continuous improvement of specialization, analysis of modern business information, analytical thinking and decision making skills, and helps graduates to prepare for top decision making positions in various corporations and institutions.

Majority of the lecturers are graduates and PhDs from high class universities with rigorous education programs in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Turkey. The MBA department has around 100 full-time faculty members 50% of which with foreign PhD, doctoral and master degrees from USA, Canada, Germany, France, Turkey and others.

Current cohort in UNEC has more than 1000 magistrates, among them students with diverse backgrounds from China, Russia, Korea, Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Sudan.

Admission to UNEC Business School is made in the following majors:
















General İnformation on MBA Program (Business management)


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Full membership at EFMD

UNEC Business School is a member (fully – fledged) of EFMD and EFMD’s Global Network. 

UNEC Business School of Azerbaijan State University of Economics is a full members to (European Foundation for the Management Development). EFMD is one of the key business schools’ networks in the world and being a part of the network will bring many opportunities for faculty & student exchanges, knowledge sharing and collaboration”.

UNEC Business School is an EFMD Full Member
UNEC Business School is an EFMD Global Network Member



Full membership at AACSB

Accreditation is a voluntary, nongovernmental process that includes a rigorous external review of a school’s ability to provide the highest quality programs. The accreditation process is a comprehensive review of a school’s mission, faculty qualifications, and curricula, and the process includes self-evaluations, peer-reviews, committee reviews, and the development of in-depth strategic plans. Accreditation ensures that students are learning material most relevant to their field of study, preparing them to be effective leaders upon graduation.

UNEC-UBIS (University of Business and International Studies)
Dual Degree Graduate Program

Granting of Master Degrees and diplomas within the Dual Degree Graduate Program on the following majors is carried out by UNEC and UBIS University of Business and International Studies situated in Geneva, Switzerland:

  • MBA (UBIS Master of Business Administration)
  • MA in International Relations (Master of Arts)
  • MS in Banking and Finance (Master of Science)


UNEC-UBIS Dual MBA Program encapsulates 14 subjects and a capstone project (a total of 48 US credits). The Dual MBA Program consists of 10 subjects which are taught and graded by UNEC professors whereas 5 subjects are lectured and graded by UBIS professors.

The program ends with a capstone project (6 US credits). 4 subjects, out of 5 subjects in UBIS, will be taught in UNEC (1-2 intensive weeks) by professors from UBIS whereas 1 subject will be taught (1 week intensive) in Geneva  by a UBIS professor.


The exchange program with the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany

On May 6, 2015 a bilateral cooperation agreement between the MBA Department of UNEC and the School of Economics and Business Administration of Friedrich-Schiller University Jena has been signed.

Main objectives of the cooperation are to organize:

  • Exchange of faculty
  • Student exchange
  • Joint researches and publications
  • Conferences and
  • Educational and cultural programs.

Major advantages of this cooperation is that each university considers a minimum of one-term (semester long) student exchange. No tuition payment is required. Living and transportation expenses and other costs are planned to be paid by the participants.

Bachelors (B2 level, German), graduate and PhD (TOEFL IBT – 85, IELTS – 6.5) students are allowed to join the program. Eligible students must have been studying at least for two semesters.

Additionally, we would like to inform that the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena holds 381th position in according to QS ranking, 235th position according to Webometrics and 86th position in Europe.








The department attached to the UNEC Business Center:

Economics and business management


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