The Russian students are interested in studying at UNEC

12 APRIL 2018 | VIEWS:

The UNEC scientists participated in the international conference in Russia.

The  topic of the XII international conference organized by the Branch of the Russian State Humanitarian University in Domodedovo was on “The Legal, management, humanitarian problems of the state  structures and enterpreneurship entities: Russia and the international experience”.

The representatives of Bugaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, as well as, the leading universities of other countries participated in the international conference, which was attended by the head of the Science Department of UNEC, the professor Zahid Mammadov and the dean of the Business and Management faculty, the associated professor Miragha Ahmadov.

The professor of UNEC, Zahid Mammadov sopke about the strategic goals of the socio-economic policy carried out in Azerbaijan. He drew to the attention of the conference participants the fact that the state created the enourmous oppotunities for the formation of  the modern enterpreneureship subjects at the expense of the state in all spheres of ecopnomy, and created the favorable environment for efficient use of their potential. Z.Mammadov noted that, the economic policy implemented in Azerbaijan focused on the accelerating the development of enterpreneurship and strengthening the role of enterpreneurship in solving the socio-economic problems of the country.

The associated professor of UNEC, Miragha Ahmadov spoke about the “Mortgage credit system in the real estate market of Azerbaijan”. Speaking about the large-scale, successful economic and social reforms implemented in the country, the UNEC scientist pointed out that “the strategic roadmap for the development  of housing at the reasonable price in the Republic of Azerbaijan” played the important role in the provision of housing for young families and the families with the need in social protection. M.Ahmadov emphasized the positive impact of the state – owned housing projects on the regulation of prices in the real estate market of Azerbaijan.  The participants of the conference expressed their interest and satisfaction with the speech of the UNEC scientist and noted the importance of studying the Azerbaijani experince in this area.

Within the framework of the visit, the UNEC delegation also met with the chairman of the council of deputies of Domodedovo city administration. In the meeting the views on the development of the social sphere were exchanged.

The UNEC delegation visited the the Gymnasium No.5 in Domodedovo, as well.  During the meeting, the students were given the detail information about the steps taken by UNEC in the direction of  becoming  the worldwide scale university.  There was noted that, the UNEC was the only university among CIS countires, that had the branch in Russia.  There was noted , that the reception of  foreign students at the UNEC, the largest economy-oriented  university of the South Caucasus and the only university providing the education in 4 languages,was electronicized completely.    The pupils, interested in the education in Russian and English languages were informaed about the specialties taught at the Russian Economic School and the International Economic School of UNEC. The implemention of double degree diploma program by UNEC with the influential univerities of the world caused the special interest of the pupils. They were also talked about the Electronic University Model and the exchange program.

The UNEC representatives answered the questions the pupils were interested in. The Russian pupils expressed their interest in studying at UNEC, taking into consideration that the position of Azerbaijan in the world education space, including the influential international ratings, had significantly increased.

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