The Minister of Education attended the opening ceremony of Bloomberg Financial Laboratory – VIDEO

13 APRIL 2022 | VIEWS:

On April 13, the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan Emin Amrullayev visited UNEC and met with teachers and students. 

Before the meeting, the minister Emin Amrullayev and UNEC rector Professor Adalat Muradov visited the Martyrs’ Memorial Complex, laid a wreath and paid tribute to their memory.

Then the minister of Education Emin Amrullayev got acquainted with the UNEC library 7/24, Extern Center. The minister was given detailed information about the library, reading room and Extern centre. Emin Amrullayev also got acquainted with the hybrid auditoriums created at UNEC. The Minister was informed that the university currently has 50 hybrid classrooms, and another 50 classrooms will be opened in the near future.

During the visit, a new museum created at UNEC has been opened. The Minister was informed about the history of  UNEC and got acquainted with the historical documents.

Emin Amrullayev also attended the opening ceremony of the Bloomberg Financial Laboratory which was firstly operated at UNEC in our country. It was noted that the laboratory, consisting of 12 Bloomberg terminals, will allow UNEC to have the same opportunities as the world’s leading universities in this field and to create a quality research environment at the university. UNEC will be the first and only in the country to establish such a laboratory in the education sector, will make a significant contribution to the development of financial markets in the country and will have an advantage in providing jobs for its graduates in the labor market.

After getting acquainted with UNEC, the Minister of Education and Professor Adalat Muradov met with students. Giving information about the admission of students for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the rector noted that high results were achieved in the admission. He noted that in order to turn UNEC into a research university, the share of masters at the university will be further increased.

Minister of Education Emin Amrullayev spoke about the work done to develop higher education in the country, future priorities, state support for students, and the essence of the “State Program on study young people at prestigious universities abroad for 2022-2026 years.” Advising students to develop their individual skills, increase interest in scientific research, be active in innovative projects, the minister stressed that UNEC has created all opportunities in this direction.

Then the questions of the students were answered.

The Minister of Education also met with young teachers. During the meeting, the rector spoke about the work done at the university to recruit young lecturers. He said that currently, 30 per cent of lecturers are young lecturers and this process will continue.

Speaking about the importance of involving young teachers in teaching, the minister said that in recent years there have been positive trends in this direction. Emin Amrullayev spoke about the role of young teachers in improving the quality of education, the factors affecting the ranking of universities, and the formation of human resources. He informed about the reforms carried out in the field of higher education and the work done in this direction.

At the end of the meeting, the minister of Education listened to the suggestions of young teachers and answered their questions.

We present video reports of TV channels about the visit of the Minister of Education to UNEC.








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