Tural-Dadashov-1 (1)Dadashov Tural Sabir (1993–2016)

Tural Sabir oghlu Dadashov was born on August 24 1993 in Baku. He studied at the secondary school 210 of Nizami district. He was enrolled at UNEC with 472 points in 2011. He graduated from the Faculty of Commerce of UNEC in 2015 and went to serve in the army. Two months before the end of his service Tural was killed in the fights of Tartar region. The martyr’s body was found on April 8 on the battlefield. Brought to Baku, April 9 and was buri.



The book dedicated to the April martyrs was presented at UNEC (04.04.2018)
UNEC Staff at the Martyr’s Grave: We are Proud of You! (01.04.2017)
Martyr’s Mother: “Tural was a young person who loved his Motherland and State” (31.03.2017)
UNEC Staff at the Martyr Graduates’ Graves (13.04.2016)
UNEC’s two Alumni were killed for belief (11.04.2016)
Martyr, UNEC Alumni Tural Dadashov- VIDEO

Tural-Dadashov-3 Tural-Dadashov-2 Tural-Dadashov-1 tural3_988280087_n tural87_1993066108_nTural Dadashov (27)



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unec.edu.az presents the program “Predestination”.

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