Councellor for Educational İssues to the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan at UNEC


The Councellor for Educational Issues to the turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan Abdulqafur Buyukfırat met with the students of  UNEC.

In the meeting, organized by the chair for the “International Relations” of the “Economics” faculty, A. Buyukfırat spoke to the students of studying the speciality of international relations about the diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey. The councellor noted that the relations established on the   “One nation, two states” principle were of high level and the coopertaion between the two countries in all areas were successful. He underlined that, Azerbaijan and Turkey attached the great importance to the bilateral economic cooperation and the investments, which were the factors of contribution to the development of our countries.

After the lecture the questions of the students were answered. At the end A.Buyukfırat was presented the “Certificate of Gratitude” of the faculty of Economics.

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