Anar Rzayev: the International School of Economics is UNEC’s Gateway to Western Universities-Interview

21 OCTOBER 2015 | VIEWS:

Interview with the Director of the International School of Economics of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), PhD in Economy Anar Rzayev:

– What was the necessity to establish the International School of Economics?

– The foundation of the International School of Economics is the part of the intensive internationalization of UNEC and at the same time the strategy of improving the quality of education. Rector of University, Professor Adalat Muradov has repeatedly emphasized that our goal is to reach the leading Western universities. In this sense, the International School of Economics is one of the main tools. The International School of Economics will play the role of avant-garde faculty in the implementation of the international relations of UNEC, particularly with Western Universities, as well as a model faculty to apply the updates first. In short, the International School of Economics is UNEC’s gateway opened to the western universities and educational standards.

UNEC’s Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov has given instructions about the establishment of the International School of Economics prior to the start of 2014/2015 academic year and forming the concept of activities to start full-scale preparatory work during the year. The English Language Training Center was established to realize these activities. But the International School of Economics was founded by the UNEC Scientific Council’s decision in 2015/2016 academic year.

– Please give details about the International School of Economics.

– Teaching is entirely taught in English in the International School of Economics, except the disciplines Azerbaijan Language, Civil Defense and Culture of Speech. A unique method of teaching English was created at School and this enables students to complete the University in 4 years without pre- graduate level. I want to note that in accordance with the new curriculum of UNEC classes last 7 semesters, but not 8 semesters. It means that actually students attend classes 3, 5 years.

– Which majors are provided by the International School of Economics?

– We provide teaching in 5 Undergraduate Programs- World Economy, Finance, Accounting, Economics and Business Administration and 2 Graduate Programs- World Economy and Finance. The number of majors might be increased in future.

– What kind of advantages will the student achieve choosing the International School of Economics?

– All syllabuses of the International School of Economics are adapted to the western universities’. Another positive aspect of teaching in English is that students get access to a wide range of literature and latest western textbooks. This ultimately enables students to study more adequately to the demands of the day. The teaching staff members of the International School of Economics are the alumni of the western universities and took active part in the preparation of the curriculum. The disciplines taught by the instructors are the subjects they attended in the western universities and got highest scores. Speaking about the advantages of the International School of Economics, the English Language factor must not be forgotten. Our alumni will speak English at a professional level, and almost will exchange views in any topic fluently. In addition to the English Language skills of our graduates will possess very broad base of terms. The base of terms will be formed by the disciplines taught. It is not coincidence that our students created the Translation Company at the Innovative Business Incubator of UNEC and was able to convert their skills into benefit in a short period of time.

Our students benefit from the international relations of UNEC. Last year they took part in the exchange programs with the Siegen University of Germany and Mykolas Romeris University of Lithuania and studied there within a term. Currently, negotiations on the dual degree program with the University of Montpellier of France are in the final stage. The negotiations with the Boccioni University of Italy and Sorbonne University of France have started. At present, we are working on the model when students will be able to get dual degree within the period of studying. Students will be able to get the dual degree after the approval of the model.

– Has the International School of Economics taken into account the demands of the labor market in the educational process?

– Every member of the International School of Economics’ teaching staff are the highly skilled personnel of state and private- own companies, often occupying higher positions. The employees of many prestigious companies and bodies such as SOCAR, SOFAZ, the Central Bank, BP, Ernst &Young, Deloitte and etc. are among them. Students gain access to labor market with the help of teachers. At the same time we negotiate with the well- known firms to organize students’ internship more efficient; this will contribute the above mentioned issue.

– How do you estimate the number and the quality of students in admission to the International School of Economics this year?

– Very good that you have raised this issue. Because, this is one of our competitive advantages. The environment in which students study and compete with is very important and this affect to the quality of education. 175 places to the International School of Economics were announced and all were filled. In addition, I want to say that the competition was very high. 51 of 102 students enrolled to UNEC with more than 600 points chose the International School of Economics. The average points of the students enrolled are 538. This is a very high indicator. The average point in Finance is 613 and in Accounting is 509. Moreover, the International School of Economics is in high interest from abroad. The International Relations Department of the University received numerous complaints. The University administration instructed to attract foreign students to UNEC and serious preparatory work are being carried out. I want to note that here we are talking about distant foreign countries. The goal is to establish contact with the students enrolled only in English, which in turn will create a unique multi- cultural environment.

– What qualities are the students who chose the International School of Economics be distinguished?

– First of all purposefulness. Evidently, every student is thinking about his life and career plans and already set specific targets for him/ her. Second, activeness. Students are very active. Almost every day they are approaching with projects. Students of the International School of Economics become the reference points of the Marketing and Communication Department and students societies. Evidently, these were active students of the secondary schools graduated from. Most of them have many other skills. For example, it was revealed that there are a large number of students who can play musical instruments. We are planning to set up an internal ensemble. There are also students with fine painting skills and we are going to organize an exhibition of UNEC.

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