Two diplomas for 4 four years at UNEC- IDD has been launched at UNEC

08 JULY 2021 | VIEWS:

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Internal Double Diploma Program has been launched at UNEC.

The purpose of the IDD program is to provide bachelors with a bachelor’s degree in the second major alongside their own major, to train students as competitive professionals, to create opportunities for them to take a worthy place in the labor market in the future and to adapt to its requirements.

Enrollees who enter UNEC with 700 points will join for IDD program free of charge. Those who score 600  or higher will pay 50% of the tuition fee for the program.

IDD program is applied from the third semester of education. During the period of study, the student’s score in  different disciplines  should be between 71-100 points.

The student can participate in IDD program in the language of instruction of the first major, as well as in other languages of instruction.

Applications for IDD program will be accepted until August 15.

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