“Soft skills” training based on international experience is successfully completed at UNEC

06 JULY 2022 | VIEWS:

The pieces of training   “Training of Trainers – Soft Skills”   conducted by Israeli trainer Ilana Vaiman Naftulin   have been successfully completed at UNEC.

The 2-month trainings organized by UNEC Lifelong Education Center were conducted on 4 modules. I.V. Naftulin, an Israeli specialist with extensive experience in the field of “Soft skills”, gave training to teachers on “Time management skills”, “Communication skills”, “Team cooperation skills”, and “Problem solving”.

Trainings on modules were organized both in Israel and in Baku. More than 10 UNEC lecturers sent to Israel were trained on “Communication skills”, “Transformed education”, “Project-based teaching”. During the training, special attention was paid to the application of modern technologies and the use of new generation learning techniques. The last module called “Problem Solving skills” was taught at UNEC.

Speaking on the last day of the training, UNEC Vice-Rector for Administrative and Organizational Affairs Associate Professor Shaig Asgarov congratulated the teachers and wished them success in their activities. He expressed confidence that the knowledge and skills acquired by teachers based on international experience will have a positive effect on the quality of teaching at UNEC. Pointing out that the demand for soft skills in the business world is increasing day by day; the vice-rector said that the new approaches applied in the world’s leading universities will be launched at UNEC from the new academic year.

Then the official certificates of UNEC were presented to the training participants.

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