The knowledge competition was held at UNEC


The knowledge compettion dedicated to the Day of State Flag was held at UNEC.

The competition held by the organization of the Center for Economical Patriots of UNEC entitiled the “Flag is my dignity, my personality, my own domination in my own counrty”. 15 teams participated in the competition, which began with the poem of the National Poet Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh, “Flag”. In the competition consisting of 3 stages the teams had been asked the questions about the history, culture and the national and moral values of Azerbaijan. The team of the faculty of Economics “Generalissimo” and the teams of the Commodoty Research faculty “374” and “Game Over” had got into the final stage. In the intense and exciting competition had won the team “Generalissimo”  representing the students of the Faculty of Economics. The teams of the Commodoty Research faculty “374” took the second place  and the team “Game Over” was the third.

At the end of the competition the members of the team  “Generalissimo” had been awarded the prize cup and medals, and the other finalists had been given the diplomas.

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