Results of Differential Salary System have been elucidated to Public at UNEC


Results of Differential Salary System on 2015/2016 have been elucidated to public representatives at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on September 16.

UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov delivered the information about the Differential Salary System. He said the system based on the experience of universities of the US, Europe, Turkey and Russia has been applying at UNEC for the first time from the last academic year. The application of the system has carried out in accordance with the “State Strategy on the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan”. The system registered in the Copyright Agency is UNEC’s property: “We are ready to set it in other higher educational institutions in case of inquiry”.

Rector noted that the purpose of making differential additions to salaries is to provide the teaching staff’s motivation and to provide the competitive environment among them. The performance related assessment of personnel was carried out on the directions of their scientific, teaching and self- development activities. A.Muradov highlighted that additions will be done to teachers’ salaries for the points gathered from September 1 to July 30. The extra payments are intended to be paid 1, 2-2 times more than a salary. Salaries of top ten teachers will be doubled, teachers occupying 11-30 places will get 1, 7, of 31-60 places 1, 5 and 61-100 1, 3 times more than their salaries.

Emphasizing that the innovations would go on at UNEC Rector spoke about the projects to be implemented in a new academic year: “We’ve launched three projects directly related with the quality of education: the project of “Leader teacher- Leader students” will define 10 leader teachers of UNEC on 10 nominations. Students’ opinions will be preferred in the projects “The quality of education in the eyes of students”. The teaching process of UNEC will be open to parents in 2016/2107 academic year in accordance with the third project”.

The mechanism of the Differential Salary System was presented by the Deputy Chairman of the Permanent Commission on the Performance Related Assessment of UNEC’s academic staff Elshan Baghirzade. He said the teaching staff entered all necessary information with the purpose of the Performance Related Assessment to the system via the special software within a year. The information was analyzed by the Permanent Commission on Performance Related Assessment of the academic personnel. Since every teacher represents a particular chair and a faculty, the system developed the ranking list of the chairs and faculties on UNEC according to their annual performance scores. The system calculated the “annual performance related score” for each teacher according to more than 100 scientific- pedagogical activities in 3 directions on 12 criteria. Teachers’ “annual performance score” are listed from highest to lowest. E.Baghirzade pointed that the performance of teachers whose “annual performance score’’ is below than 50% of the university indicator score will be considered unsatisfactory.

Afterwards the results of the Differential Salary System were elucidated online. Top 100 teachers’ list and the ranking of the chairs and faculties were placed in the system on statistic figures. The academic staff member of the Department of “Economics and Business Administration” Nazim Jafarov leads the teachers’ rating list. The School of Turkic World of Business Administration heads the ranking list of the schools and the Department of “Economics and Business Administration” of the chairs.

The public representatives appreciated the application of the system positively in stimulating and formation of healthy competitive environment among the teaching staff.

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