Conference at UNEC: “Fashion industry in the revival of Karabakh economy: real opportunities and prospects”

15 JANUARY 2021 | VIEWS:

UNEC has hosted a republican conference on “Fashion industry in the revival of Karabakh economy: real opportunities and prospects.”

The moderator of the conference, head of the UNEC Islamic Financial Center, Professor Zahid Mammadov greeted the participants and informed them about the purpose of the conference. Noting that the restoration of the territories of Azerbaijan, liberated from occupation during the 44-day war is the most important issue facing our state. The professor spoke about the measures taken in this direction and the tasks ahead. He noted that Karabakh plays an important role in the socio-economic development of our country, and the production capacity of these areas will give a great impetus to the development of the country’s export potential. Noting the urgency of the topic of the conference in this regard, Z.Mammadov stressed that the proposals and recommendations voiced during the conference will be submitted to the relevant agencies.

Speaking at the conference, director of the UNEC School of Design, Associate Professor Lala Mammadova spoke about the elements used in Karabakh clothing, the methods of applying artistic designs to modern clothing, and stressed the importance of promoting these clothes in the world.

MP Parvin Karimzadeh stressed that 2020 had been written as the Year of Victory for Azerbaijan, and spoke about the contribution of the revival of Karabakh to the country’s economy. Stating that the development of the fashion industry will play a major role in this direction, he wished success to the conference.

First Deputy Chairman of the Sabail District Executive Board, Associate Professor Khalida Bayramova drew the attention to the existence of the rich economic potential of the territories liberated from the Armenian occupation, along with the historical and cultural value; and spoke about the development of the fashion industry in Karabakh.

Director of the Icheri Sheher Museum Center, honored cultural worker Amina Malikova made a presentation on the history and development of the art of Gurama in Karabakh. She spoke about the restoration of the art of Gurama, one of the arts associated with the ancient historical roots and traditions of Azerbaijan, and the measures taken in this direction.

One of the keynote speakers, head of the Department of Azerbaijan University of Technology, Associate Professor Tofig Mirzayev, spoke on “Ways to use elements of Karabakh national costumes and decorative arts in modern clothing”; and Narmina Namazova, a lecturer of  the department of Design, spoke on “Concepts of Islamic culture in the fashion industry.”

After the speeches, discussions were held on the topic.

UNEC Vice-Rector, Associate Professor Saadat Gandilova made a speech on the ancient art of embroidery and fabrics, and Professor Zabit Aslanov spoke about the importance of developing standards for national costumes. Head of the Department of Design, Associate Professor Elfana Gasimova and other speakers noted that research and development of projects related to the development of the Karabakh fashion industry will greatly contribute to the development of this field.

The conference, organized by the   Coordination and Organization Department of  UNEC Research centers, UNEC Islamic Financial Center and  UNEC School of Design, was broadcast live on the UNEC official Facebook page.

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