A Conference held at UNEC: “Role of Scientific Publications in Scientific Activity of the University: Analysis and Assessment”

21 OCTOBER 2016 | VIEWS:

A conference on “The Role of Scientific Publications in Scientific Activity of the University: Analysis and Assessment” has been held within the “Science Month” at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

The moderator of the event, Director of the Science Department, Professor Zahid Mammadov said that the main product of higher education institutions pretending to become research-oriented university is their scientific publications and articles. The scientific articles should be based on research. UNEC is very ambitious in taking steps in this direction. Emphasizing UNEC’s close cooperation with the international information agency “Thomson Reuters”, Professor Zahid Mammadov spoke about the significance of interpretation of the textbook on Science metrics with support of the agency and the joint international conference to be held in May.

The Director of UNEC Business Center Nazim Hajiyev announced the requirements for the recognition of scientific publications in international indices. He said that UNEC’s scientific journal took place in EBSCO and other prestigious international indices.

Speaking about the significance of the Differential Salary System in increasing scientific performance of UNEC staff, the Advisor to UNEC rector, Elshan Bagirzade pointed that the achievements has been gained in this direction. Noting that the system is mainly targeted in assessing the academic staff’s scientific performance, E.Baghirzade stressed the necessity of publishing scientific articles meeting the world standards in the journals of international indices in evaluation. He said that the center to assist the teaching staff in publishing articles abroad will be established at the university.

The Director of the Doctoral Studies Hamid Hamidov spoke about the academic behavior, best awareness practices and strategies for preventing and detecting plagiarism. He said that the actions plan in accordance with the Education Minister’s decree on “Strengthening of struggle with cases of academic plagiarism in educational institutions” has already been developed at UNEC. UNEC is in close relation with the multinational company of Poland “Plagiat.pl”.

The use of science metric indicators in determining the university and country rating were explained within the event. At the same time, problems of publishing “predatory journals” and holding “rapacious conferences” in higher educational institutions were announced and solutions were stated.

Proposals were heard within the event proceeded with debates. The establishment of scientific journals under the mega faculties, preference of scientific journals possessing web pages and the establishment of internal support base of scientific research were also proposed. A range of events within the “Science Month” is in progress at UNEC. The “Science Month” will be completed on November 10 “World Science Day for Peace and Development”. The rewarding of scientific articles’ competition held among the academic staff, young research fellows, graduate and undergraduate students will take place in the event.

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