New standards of the Graduate Education are being prepared

26 OCTOBER 2015 | VIEWS:

Rector of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), Professor Adalat Muradov held a meeting with a first-year graduate students of the university.

Firstly, Rector commented on the current level of training at the graduate level of university. Saying- “In many cases teaching at graduate level is the continuation of those at undergraduate level”, Head of University said the majority of the subjects taught do not meet the requirements of the labor market.

Afterwards, Rector spoke about UNEC’s goals related with the graduate level. He noted that the number of disciplines will be significantly reduced and adapted to the requirements of the labor market.

Rector informed that the process is under the completion, saying “The list of majors and the syllabuses are studied now”. He added that the new standards of teaching at the graduate level are being prepared.

Afterwards graduate students gave their questions to rector and forwarded proposals. Students expressed their desire to improve demands put towards the teaching staff.

Giving instructions to the heads of the relevant bodies, Rector ordered to hold a survey of satisfaction among the students and promised to evaluate proposals. He said students will be able to choose the teaching staff members themselves in accordance with the survey.

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