Strategic Targets discussed by UNEC’s School of Business and Management


A round- table discussion on “Strategic targets of quality education in mega faculty” has been held at the School of Business and Management of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

Speaking about the significance of the topic, the Dean Associated Professor Miragha Ahmadov noted that the determination of strategic targets of the mega faculty come from the need to improve the quality of education substantially and management system. M. Ahmadov pointed that the modern world experience should be based on increasing the quality of teaching, the teacher- student relationship and personnel training that meets the requirements of the business world in determining the goals. The Faculty Dean emphasized the importance of applying multi- criteria assessment in quality of education.

Director of the Department of “Science”, Professor Zahid Mammadov spoke about the role of scientific activity in the formation of exemplary faculty model. He said that powerful departments function in the content of the Faculty Business and Management. Z. Mammadov stressed that the chairs will be created all necessary conditions to conduct researches, they will be supported in scientific activities, the application of scientific researches in manufacturing, in determining research topics and to publish their articles in the internationally prestigious journals. UNEC Professor proposed to print a scientific publication on “Business and Community” under the faculty using the scientific potential of the chairs. Proposals on determining strategic targets of the education were sounded within the round- table discussion. To direct the scientific research works to the study of the priority areas of the development of country’s economy and to assess the quality it was proposed to create a working committee in a new format.

It was also noted that practical work on preparation of the new curriculum, textbooks and test bank is being carried out to explore the economic processes systematically, to form econometric modeling and forecasting skills.

Proposals on establishing a club “Young Businessmen” and their involvement in debates were also discussed in round- table.

At the end of the mega discussions will set the strategic goals of quality education, it was decided to hold steady.

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