A Seminar held at UNEC: Development of Financial Services will provide the Sustainability of the Real Sector

18 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

A workshop on “Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Financial Services in the Republic of Azerbaijan” has been organized by UNEC School of Finance and Accounting.

The seminar was attended by the academic staff of the Departments performing under the School.

Dean of the School of Finance and Accounting, Associate Professor Geray Musayev said 2016 was the year of effective reforms held as a result of purposeful economic policy pursued by the government, despite of the crisis situation in the republic. The effective implementation of financial resources gave the government reasonable opportunity to perform the upcoming objectives successfully and the formation of sufficient financial basis for the development of economy. Depending on these factors, positive trends appeared in the economy of the country in 2016 and still going on.

The participants spoke about the significance of the “Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Financial Services in the Republic of Azerbaijan”. Referring to the upcoming challenges at the time when the global financial crisis entered a new phase, they stressed the Strategic Roadmap to be concrete guiding document in identifying the ways out of the crisis and in its realization.

In conclusion, G.Musayev noted the ideas expressed within the workshop would be used as one of the main directions of the educational process conducted to students majoring in Finance and Accountingin the future. In addition, the Dean pointed the School will continue to study the separate units of the Strategic Roadmap, make the discussions in the seminars and analysis within the faculty. At the same time, it would be the main focus of the educational process applied.

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