UNEC’s Performance in the direction of Work with Disabled Students assessed highly

17 MAY 2017 | VIEWS:

UNEC participates as a partner of the TEMPUS Project on “the Establishment of a Foundation for the Integration of Disabled People into HEIs of Azerbaijan” (ESFIDIP) coordinated by Khazar University.

An International Conference on “Equal Access at HEIs in Azerbaijan for Students with Disability” has been held at Khazar University within the Project. The coordinator of the Center for Disabled students of UNEC Sevinj Mahsimova and the coordinator of ESFIDIP Project, expert of the International Cooperation Department Gulshan Veliyeva took part in the two-day conference. UNEC’s representatives delivered detailed information about the performances of the center established at UNEC. Speaking about the work done, they mentioned about the projects to be implemented in the coming years. Partners of the project evaluated UNEC’s performance in work with physically impaired students highly.

First group invalid, IV year undergraduate of UNEC Orkhan Adigozelov, who could not attend the conference in connection with serious problems in his health, spoke about the achievements gained in the realization of the program via Skype. He talked about the physically impaired students’ interest in studying.

The results achieved by the partner universities and their future actions plans were broadly debated within the meeting.

The representatives of the European partners of the Project the Macedonia University, LODZ University of Poland, GRAZ University of Austria, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Citizens, Khazar University, State University of Sumgait, State University of Ganja, State University of Lenkoran and State University of Nakhchivan participated in the conference.

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