The organization of teaching in the Financial- Economics College under UNEC was discussed

26 OCTOBER 2015 | VIEWS:

Meeting on the Financial-Economics College under Azerbaijan State University of Economics was held at the higher institution. Noting that the purpose of the meeting was clarifying some aspects, Rector proposed to seek the answer to the fundamental questions: how should the governing principle of the college be and what form should the organization of training be established?

UNEC Rector delivered the information about the forthcoming issues in this direction. He said meetings with the overseas experts related the solution of both issues has been held and the world experience was studied. Initially Rector proposed to update the college’s charter, to make amendments in legal and regulatory basis and later in the next phase to develop the management mechanism, resolve structural issues and mechanism of organization of training.

The College Director delivered the information about the number of the students studying at sub-bachelor’s degree and the students enrolled from the secondary educational base (9 year).

Dean of the School of Turkic World of Business Administration Farrukh Tuzchuoghlu made a report on the “Establishment of Vocational- Pre- graduate School”. Speaking about the Sakarya University College Management experience, F.Tuzchuoghlu said that the modern management mechanism can be formed by the application of the “ISCED 97” (International Standard Classification of Education) standard of UNESCO. The speaker added that if the innovations in this field will be reached in the nearer future there will be demand for specialized jobs in the labor market. The availability of the dual degree programs with Sakarya University in future was drawn to attention. Other participants of the event made their proposals.

UNEC Rector gave instructions for holding monitoring and diagnostic at the college in the end.

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