The UNEC staff at the forefront


The UNEC staff met with the soldiers serving in the military units located in the direction of the Shamkir, Tovuz, Gazakh and Aghstafa regions of frontline on the occasion of the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day and the New Year holiday.

The employee of the Ministry of Defence, the colonel Abdulla Gurbani accompanied them during the visit.

At first, the delegation visited the monument to the Great Leader in Shamkir region, laid flowers at the monument and commemorated the memoryof the Great Leader with respect. Then, they met with Khaqani Jabrailov, the Major General, the officers and soldiers of the military unit number “N” located in the Shamkir region. The Major General Kh. Jabrailov, highly appreciating the visit of the university staff to the military units on the regular basis, noted that such meetings played the important role in the formation of the youth in the patriotic spirit, as a loyal, socially useful citizen of our counry and state. Kh. Jabrailov spoke about the care and attention drawn by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev to the development of the army. He noted that, at present, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces had become the most powerful army in the region.

The pro-rector of UNEC, the veteran of war Mikayıl Zeynalov, expressing his assurance that the defense of our lands were in safe hands, spoke about the operations carried out for the liberation of Horadiz from the enemy occupation. The war veteran taken an active part in the battles shared his memories: “Today, here, once again, I have rememebered with great pride hoisting our tricolor flag on the liberated lands of Horadiz”. M. Zeynalov, underlined that, he was proud of having today the professional and modern army in Azerbaijan, which met the requirements of NATO standards, with the high level of combat readiness of the military personnel, and noted that he had observed the high inspiration, will-to-win spirit of soldiers and their belief in victory.

After Shamkir region, the UNEC staff visited the military units number “N” located in the Tovuz, Gazakh and Aghstafa regions and expressed in their speech the assurance to the soldiers that the occupied by the Armenian armed forces Azerbaijani lands would  be liberated soon.

In the meetings, the memebers of the Creative Center of UNEC performed the concert program in front of the soldiers and officers and recited the poetry on the military-patriotic topic.

The military unit ad the soldiers distinguished for implementing the service duty were presented the gifts on behalf of the UNEC staff.

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