yaradiciliqокThe Center involves the talented and enthusiastic students of the University to circles and organizes their training gradually. The center provides the university students with the information about the activities of the circles, involves them to these circles, realizes the literary and artistic events, stages the plays by the students, creates and improves the dance ensemble consisting of the students, creates the amateur music group, artist group, presenter and singer groups of the university students. The Center is organizing art galleries by the students’ handworks and concerts and artistic programs by them. The higher education institution is represented by the center within the foreign cultural and artistic events.

The proposals on the implementation of the events on the directions of the university’s activities and actions that may be of interest to the public are being prepared by the center. The center conducts exchange of experiences by the other educational institutions. It studies the other counties’ experiences and develops proposals on improving its activities in this area.

elman_7936Director of the Center: Elman Telman Jafarov

Was born on January 25 1980 in Sumgait city.

He has got the university degree; has served as a Director, TV presenter and a journalist.

He is the member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The theatrical performance “Unfinished”dedicated to April martyrs was presented by the UNEC students (06.04.2018)
The UNEC staff celebrated the Novruz holiday with the children with Down syndrome (16.03.2018)

The Novruz festivity at UNEC- the teachers and the students competed (16.03.2018)
The theatricals of the Creative Center play major role in enhancing the sense of patriotism of students
The “UNEC talents” – the “MurAn” group
The UNEC staff at the forefront (25.12.2017)

Winner of “The Young Star of UNEC” (26.05.2017)
Selection round of “The Young Star of UNEC” completes (10.05.2017)
The next Achievement of UNEC’s Creativity Center (02.05.2017)
The next Achievement of UNEC’s Creativity Center (02.05.2017)
Selection for “The Young Star of UNEC” ends (02.05.2017)

UNEC Creativity Center is staging “Iki Jahan” (Two Worlds) (19.04.2017)
UNEC Students’ 8th March Congratulation

Creative Crew of the play “A day in captivity” has been awarded
A Play dedicated to Khojali by UNEC students: “A day in captivity”
UNEC Students in the festival “Youth’s Voice 2017”


Ambassador thanked UNEC Student (18.01.2017)
Winners of the I Interuniversity Contest “Native Language” are determined
UNEC Student will play a Role in the Play “Leyli and Majnun”

Presentation of “Fascist’s Dossier” taken place at UNEC
A Film “Fitne” (Provocation) was demonstrated in all Academic Buildings of UNEC (02.12.2016)
A Film “Fitne” (Provocation) was demonstrated in all Academic Buildings of UNEC (02.12.2016)
Director of UNEC’s Creativity Center is awarded in Ankara (30.11.2016)
Students got acquainted with the Creativity Center of UNEC (31.10.2016)
UNEC Students in front of Professionals (22.07.2016)
Baku through UNEC Students’ eyes (27.05.2016)
Members of UNEC’s Creativity Center are awarded (26.05.2016)
UNEC Students present the “Graduation Day” Garments (13.05.2016)



UNEC Students on the Front Line with Soldiers

A group of employees of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) and members of the Creativity Center met with the soldiers and officers on the front line on the occasion of the “State Flag Day”.  The event dedicated to a military patriotism week on “My Flag is my existence, felicity” was held in the Armed Forces by the Ministry of Defense in Horadiz and Khojavend. The poem sounded by Igbal Babayev, the music in the performance of Aslan Azimzade and Pervin Sayilov who are the members of the Creativity Center and other UNEC students’ performances in the spirit of military patriotism established optimistic sense among the participants and increased confidence to victory.

UNEC students’ support to the project of “My Flag is my existence, felicity” was stressed especially by the militarists of the Ministry of Defense and the administration of the region. The members of the Creativity Center were awarded Honorary Diploma of the military unit for their active participation in the promotion of military patriotism.

DSC_0343 DSC_0275 DSC_0151 DSC_0126  DSC_9844 DSC_9866

UNEC employees have celebrated the “last Wednesday” of the Year with People of Down syndrome
The employees of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) have called at the Rehabilitation Center of People with Down syndrome under the Public Association “Care-for Healthy Generation” on the last Wednesday of the year. The university administration has been expressed special thanks for the attention and presents provided by. Members of the University’s Creativity Center have demonstrated a musical program, sung merry songs.

IMG_2290 IMG_7146 (1) 20160315_140955 Безымянный IMG_2306IMG_2177


 Even dedicated to the 85th Anniversary of the establishment of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) was held on December 24. Firstly the participants became familiar with the exhibition of handicrafts consisting of paintings, caricatures and books by UNEC students and employees. The presentation of the newly created virtual economic forum of UNEC- took place after the official part. The film “UNEC 85 fact” reflecting university’s history was demonstrated within the event. The event was followed by the performances of the Creativity Center of UNEC. 



Event dedicated to Novruz Holiday was held at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).
A concert program organized by the Creativity Center was of great interest by the participants.



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6 circles are operating under the Center:

  • Dance circle
  • Painting circle
  • Theater circle
  • Vocal circle
  • Instrumental performance circle
  • History circle



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